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The Brain

Your brain is amazing!

Your brain helps you walk, talk, breathe, eat, hear, learn, play, smile, feel, think, dream and remember things.

We all have a brain inside our head. We need it to do every single thing, every minute of the day and even when we are asleep!


Inside your brain there are millions of tiny cells that are way too small to see. These cells are called neurons. Neurons are very special because they can send messages to other cells in the brain and the rest of the body.

The brain has different parts called lobes. Each lobe takes charge of different tasks. Here’s some more about lobes:

Frontal lobes Parietal lobe Limbic region Temporal lobe Occipital lobe Hippocampus

Our frontal lobes are at the front of our brain, behind our forehead.

They are in charge when we make choices and plans. They help you decide what to wear to school and to follow the rules. Your frontal lobes are in charge when you’re trying not to cry or when you use good manners.

The parietal lobes help us pay attention, feel things and move our bodies.

You need them to read a story or write a birthday card. Thanks to your parietal lobes, you can enjoy a warm bath, run without tripping and put your clothes on in the right order.

Our temporal lobes help us listen to music and chat with our friends.

They help us remember the things we see and hear.

At the very back of the brain, our occipital lobes work with our eyes so we can see and understand what it is we are looking at.

Imagine life without your occipital lobes to help you see colour and shapes?

There are other parts of the brain that are not lobes, such as the limbic region and the hippocampus:


Deep in the centre of our brain, the limbic region is in charge when we feel sad or happy, calm or scared.


It makes us want to do things and NOT want to!

It’s also important for our memory and it’s where we find the hippocampus. The hippocampus is only small but it has a very big job! Its name comes from the Latin word for seahorse, because it has a seahorse shape (sort of…). It looks after our new memories, like the facts you have just read about brain parts.

Watch the short clip below to see how the different brain parts fit together inside our head:


So, now you know that inside the brain we have lobes which are in charge of different things. But there’s something else, too! Each lobe needs every other lobe to do its job. Every minute of every day, our neurons are busy carrying messages between the different parts of the brain. All the parts of our brain are working together so we can do the things we do. Thanks brain! Thanks lobes! Thanks neurons!

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