Dementia in my family

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My Nunnu is living with dementia


"You just have to be patient with him and he will be happy"

My Nunnu has had several surgeries in his life and his latest one was a hernia surgery which was preformed early this year. After that, he started to play up. We noticed he acted differently and become more agitated. Because I have a large family, he got the names of me and my cousins mixed up. These past months has been the worst. We have had to take him doctors and had to take his license off him. He kept on complaining about how he has no freedom now and everything’s unfair. He now has moderate dementia and he was diagnosed a month ago. His symptoms have rapidly been getting worse and we have had to have a carer come out to make him dinner since my Nanna isn’t capable of doing so. My family has to take turns to take him out. There is not a conversation with my family that goes by that Nunnu isn’t brought up. You just have to be patient with him and he will be happy.

Rachael, aged 12