Dementia in my family

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My Nanna has alzheimer's


"Nanna is the second person in my family to get dementia."

She is forgetting how to say things or what things are like a collar, she could not name a collar. Sometimes I don’t know what to say to her because if I ask her “hows your day been?” I could remind her of what bad things has happened then either she starts a big story or I make her sad and she walks away.

Nanna would say things over and over again like “Do you know where you are going for school camp?” Nanna is the second person in my family to get dementia. My auntie has got posterior cortical atrophy.She is not going so well, she is forgetting where she is and is sleeping almost 15 hours of sleep sometimes and not much other times. My auntie was diagnosed in 2019, we had a feeling something was wrong but we kept it to ourselves.

My mum works with Dementia Australia and is giving me tips on how to make a conversation with someone with dementia.