Dementia in my family

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My mum has FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia)


She was diagnosed a year ago at the age of 61, however my family and I noticed symptoms like her being withdrawn at times and unusual behaviour 2 years prior to this.
Based off her current symptoms, I would say Mum is in the moderate stage. Mum has good and bad days, but overall she is really happy and is always laughing which is all I could hope for, as I know, deep down, this disease is hardest on her
My Dad is Mum’s primary carer, with the additional help of 3 support carers who come in to take mum out and to assist around the home.
My family and I do the most we can in between our own lives and living an hour and a half away. At times, we can get irritated with each other, but we always try to put our own feelings aside and consider what is best for Mum.
If possible, having the assistance of an NDIS plan manager who can make all the hard decisions and get the ball rolling is highly recommended, as it relieves so much stress on yourself and your family.
I was really struggling to come to terms with my Mum’s illness as I was very close with her, so seeking professional help has assisted with the grieving process and overall acceptance.
Lastly, I know it is easy for your loved one’s illness to consume your mind and it can feel like you are never doing enough, but taking breaks is necessary to your own mental health, so never feel guilty doing so.
I think it is really important, (especially as a young person) not to put your life plans on hold, but instead to find a healthy balance between being a carer and continuing to live your life as ”normal” as possible.