Dementia in my family

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My Dad is living with Dementia


"I love my Dad and I wish he didn't have dementia because I don't want to see Dad angry or confused."

My Dad has dementia and its hard sometimes to live with, but he is a really good dad and he says YES to everything!

The bad things about my Dad having dementia are that he sometimes doesn’t want to get out of bed, sometimes he has toilet accidents, sometimes he gets mad at me and my brother and can get angry at Mum when its not her fault. Sometimes he can get angry.


The good things about Dad are that he’s very funny, and he smiles a lot and makes me happy. He makes everyone in our family laugh. Another good thing is that he always has time to listen to me. He tells funny jokes, and he loves coloring with me. He says YES to everything, including lollies for breakfast when Mums not there!

I love my Dad and I wish he didn’t have dementia because I don’t want to see Dad angry or confused.

Ashlyn, aged 9.