Dementia in my family

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Grandfather has Lewy Body Disease


Dad says it's OK because we can all help...That's a lot of help because I come from a big family.

My grandfather has Lewy Body Disease and he can’t walk around as well now. He isn’t allowed to drive the car any more either, which makes him really mad. He used to love driving. He used to walk with me to school but he can’t do that any more, but that’s OK because I catch a bus now. He sometimes sees things that aren’t there, or hears things differently, like if our budgie is singing, he thinks it’s people talking. It was a bit scary at first but now we know it’s Lewy Body Disease it’s not so bad. Grandma worries a lot, I can tell. She’s worried he’s going to fall over one day and hurt himself. Dad says it’s OK because we can all help and we always look after each other. That’s a lot of help, because I come from a big family.

Pippa, aged 12.