Parent guide

It’s great that you have chosen to read about dementia with your child. This e-book was designed to be a way of starting up conversations between you. Be ready for your child to ask questions that might surprise you! We hope this book helps you feel more confident to answer them.

The words and subject matter have been carefully chosen by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic Family Counsellors. They offer one way of explaining complex concepts such as brain function, dementia progression and death, as well as exploring children’s feelings about these things. In this way, this book caters for children who have a loved one at any stage of the disease process.

Although difficult, many parents find it helpful to have honest conversation with children of all ages about the progression of dementia and death because:

This is not a typical story book; the ending is a question for you and your child to ponder together.

For more information about supporting children when someone in the family has dementia, please visit the ADULTS page of this website.